Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Great roots music, blues and jazz show -- three hour's worth. After Dylan's XM radio show and Neil Spitzer's American Routes show (which has limited online replay optins), Laura Cantrell's 3-hour radio show may be one of the very best shows featuing roots music, often with country flavorings, and early jazz. She's a strong singer in her own right who has toured with Elvis Costello, and modestly doesn't seem to plug her singing career or CDS on the air. Take a listen to the archive of shows. You'll smile when you listen.

Here's one review from the Times:

"She has the sort of east Tennessee accent that seems to keep your coffee warm. Her decidedly uncatchy signature line — 'Well, there you have it folks' — has become a lazy weekend mantra for her fans. And over the last six years, her noon-to-3-P.M. show, 'The Radio Thrift Shop' on WFMU, the famously eclectic New Jersey radio station, has made her one of the city's best-known deejays among music lovers with a country-and-western bent." — The New York Times

She plays more than just country, and mixes in old-fashioned novelty songs, jazz, blue and modern singers with a soulful sound. Hear for yourself:

Playlists and Archives for The Radio Thrift Shop with Laura Cantrell

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