Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Here's a provocative video on how the media is ignoring -- mostly -- the current social justice and peace movements. Something's In the Air But It's Not on the Airwaves It's deserve a look and listen, written by Chris Chandler:

Here's how he describes it:
I have spent the past 10 days producing this 8-minute film along with Karen Kilroy. "There's Something in the Air/But It's Not on the Airwaves" is a political spoken word piece about the media’s lack of coverage on the peace and global justice movement. The piece also includes excerpts of the music that was widely known during the 60's war protest era.

Sarah Rolan of Akron, Ohio is cast in the video and plays a part where she places a folded U.S. flag on the grave of a soldier killed in action. On Tuesday, shortly before we taped the scene, Sarah received news that her close friend, U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Daniel "Nate" Deyarmin, was killed in action on Monday. So I'm sure you can imagine, it is very intense.

The video was shot on location in Kent and Akron, Ohio. Many many thanks to the people of Kent for their help in making this video.

- chandler

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