Sunday, September 11, 2005

Cronyism at work.Neigh to Cronies - New York Times As Dowd points out about decision-making in the White House, the President of the United States didn't know about the convention center human catastrophe until the Thursday after the hurricane. Drawing on another Times account, here's how Dowd puts it:

The breakdown in management and communications was so execrable that the president learned about the 25,000 desperate, trapped people at the New Orleans convention center not from Brownie, who didn't know himself, but from a wire story carried into the Oval Office by an aide on Thursday, 24 hours after the victims had been pleading and crying for help on every channel. (Maybe tomorrow the aide will come in with a wire story, "No W.M.D. in Iraq.")

"Getting truth on the ground in New Orleans was very difficult," a White House aide told The Times's Elisabeth Bumiller. Not if you had a TV.

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