Thursday, March 03, 2005

Are you Jewish and want to work at, say, the YMCA? Tough luck: President Bush backs religious discrimination. President Bush says any religious group that gets federal funds should be allowed to discriminate based on religious belief; i.e, freedom to hire Christians only. As the L.A. Times reported, "President Bush on Tuesday threatened to impose controversial new policies to let federally funded religious charities make hiring decisions based on the religious beliefs of potential employees. Calling for an expansion of his faith-based initiative, Bush said that if Congress did not vote for the changes in hiring law this year, he would consider doing it himself through "executive action." Next, if this keeps up, students at even nominally Christian colleges, such as Loyala, will be expected to swear allegiance to Jesus Christ as their Lord and master if they want to get federal student loans.

Maybe the Christian right should just cut to the chase: officially end the already weakening barrier between church and state. How? Just put the repeal of the First Amendment up for a vote in the red states as a referendum to spur voter turnout in the next election, just like they did with the ban on gay marriage votes this year. Since over 9o% of Americans are Christians, it should pass in a landslide.

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