Thursday, February 03, 2005

What happened to means-testing? The Dems weak response to Bush's Social Security scheme. Yes, Bush's plan could be an economic disaster for senior citizens now and in the future, with major benefit cuts in the years ahead and a potential market downturn likely for those with "personal accounts." As Paul Krugman points out, the Bush plan is a risky gamble. But what's the Democratic alternative to a troubled Social Security system, even if it's not in the immediate crisis Bush portrayed? They don't have one, even though means-testing Social Security so that the wealthiest Americans don't get Social Security checks each month is one reasonable solution that the Democrats fear offering. There's too little fresh thinking coming from the not-ready-for-prime-time Democratic spokespeople, as shown by the ineffective, stilted rebuttal after the President's State of the Union snow job. CBS News Dems: Bush Lacks 'Clear Plan' February 3, 2005�09:00:01

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