Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Rent-a-Nanny: Solve your pesky scandal problem today! Now that Bernie Kerik, President Bush's former homeland security nominee, has been alleged to be a sleazy influence peddler, bribe-taker, adulterer and mob fellow traveler, even his illegal nanny story is falling apart. Apparently, there may not even be any illegal immigrant nanny for whom he didn't pay taxes, the ostensible reason he withdrew his nomination.

For future presidential nominees, this fits-all-sizes scandal cover would be more plausible if they could produce a genuine nanny to come forward to tell her story. Now, we've learned, a few D.C.-based housekeeping services will be able to provide authentic-sounding, Spanish-accented nannies who will tearfully admit they were paid for their services but didn't report their Social Security taxes. Everyone will be satisfied -- and the scandal-prone can continue on their way. The New York Times > National > Mystery Woman in Kerik Case: Nanny

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