Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Pentagon advisory board has reported there's a reason terrorists hate us: our policies, not our "freedom."Those policies include support for authoritarian Mideaseastern regimes and our traditionally one-sided backing of Israel. President Bush has said, of course, that the terrorists are driven primarily by their hatred of our way of life, especially freedom. That's a simplistic view that only contributes to our inability to promote Western-style democracies in the mideast (not to mention a bungled, needless, disastrous war in Iraq that's portrayed by Islamists as a crusade against Muslim lands).

None of this means we should abandon Israel or that the Islamists haven't hijacked their religion to serve a fanatical, deadly cause. There's more insights on terrorism available from the New American Foundation's conference last week, with links available at Steven Clemons's The Washington Note.

The stinging indictment of American foreign policy by the Pentagon's Defense Science Board, an advisory group, has been excerpted in the The Daily Kos: Daily Kos :: Pentagon: Bush's 'hypocrisy' lost us hearts and minds

Too bad Donald Rumsfeld or George Bush won't face these hard truths.

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