Monday, July 12, 2004

Senate intel blinders: What White House Pressure? The recent Senate intelligence committee report provides cover for the White House and conservatives who have adopted a blame-it-all-on-the-CIA approach on the Iraqi blunders. But the Democrats on the committee inexplicably caved in by agreeing to the conclusion that there was no White House pressure to supply Bush and his team with the intelligence they wanted. There wasn't any pressure unless you count Vice President Cheney's repeat visits to CIA headquarters, numerous claims by the Administration's top officials that Iraq had weapons programs and other tactics designed to "hammer" CIA analysts into complying, as one CIA official told the Senate committee. As Senator Jay Rockefeller put it in a news conference reported by CBS:

[CBS]: So did the White House pressure the CIA to hype the prewar threat? The report itself says no, but dissenting views from committee Democrats call that an incomplete picture, insisting the agency was pressured.

Sen. ROCKEFELLER: A veteran of many years there said that the hammering on analysts was greater than he had seen in his 32 years of service.

Here's more on the pressure: The Progress Report - Center for American Progress

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