Friday, July 30, 2004

President Bush's Believe It or Not! We're moving forward, he claims, and Kerry's too liberal, a flip-flopper who has done little in the Senate. In a recent speech in Michigan, he proclaimed, "It's not enough to advocate reofrm, you have to be able to get it done, because when it comes to reforming schools to provide an education for all our children, results matter. When it comes to health care reform, giving families more access and more choices, results matter...." Will this line of attack work? I hope not. MSNBC - Bush slams Kerry for few ´┐Żachievements´┐Ż Results do matter, and as Kerry's team points out, "A shiny new speech won't cover up Bush's failure to help middle class families." Kerry fact sheet notes, "Out of Pocket Health Care Costs for Workers Have Risen 50 Percent Under Bush" -- and there is that pesky problem ignored by Bush of 44 million people without health insurance. And as for education, well, the "No Child Left Behind Act" reforms have been underfunded by about $23 billion, leaving states and lower-income communities without the resources needed to meet the educational standards the Bush Administration imposes . So much for a reformer with results.

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