Thursday, April 22, 2004

Amid the furor over the Woodward book, what happened to source confidentiality? It's been evident for years who Woodward's main sources are by the favorable treatment they get in his books. But this time around he went further, playing for CBS staff tapes of some of his confidential interviews. As CBS reports:

For his book, Woodward interviewed 75 top military and Bush administration officials, including two long interviews with the president himself. Mr. Bush spoke on the record, but others talked to Woodward on condition that he not reveal their identities.

60 Minutes won’t name those Woodward interviewed, but we've listened to the tapes and read the transcripts of his key interviews to verify that his accounts are based on recollections from people who took part in the meetings he describes, including a historic meeting on March 19, when Bush gives the order to go

And the Rumsfeld transcript also reveals some top sources, including the vice-president, as well. So much for secrecy... CBS News | Woodward Shares War Secrets | April 19, 2004�07:04:32

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