Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Believe it or not: Poll says `Passion" is good for the Jews. Last year, nearly 40 percent of Americans sampled for a poll by the Institute for Jewish and Community Research blamed the Jews for killing Christ. But this year, the group's latest poll, picked up by Drudge, says, "A new poll suggests fears that `The Passion of the Christ' would trigger anti-Semitism were unwarranted.

"A nationwide survey conducted for the Institute for Jewish and Community Research finds that 83 percent of Americans familiar with the film say it's made them neither more nor less likely to blame today's Jews for Jesus' crucifixion.

"Nine percent said Mel Gibson's film actually has made them less likely to blame today's Jews, while less than 2 percent said they're more likely to fault modern Jews or Jewish institutions."

Apparently, the other 89 percent thought that repeated exposure to the film's images of Jews as snarling, hook-nosed Christ-killers didn't change their perceptions of Jews.
Surprisingly, the newly-formed Institute reported last year that anti-Semitism was significantly on the rise, with nearly 40 percent of Americans blaming Jews for killing Christ. That's a finding Drudge didn't include in his latest news story.

So, it's surprising to see the organization's upbeat polling this year on the Gibson film.
Click2Houston.com - Entertainment - Survey: 'The Passion' May Be Reducing Anti-Semitism

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