Thursday, January 22, 2004

The scream heard 'round the world. Even if he squeaks by in New Hampshire, Dean's campaign has been mortally wounded by his bizarre screamfest after his Iowa defeat. New tracking polls show his lead shrinking quickly in New Hampshire, with Kerry and Dean in a statistical tie or Kerry surging ahead with 31 percent. So if you haven't heard the scream after he shouted out the states he planned to conquer, you haven't experienced the full impact of his rant. Now on the Web there are parody photos and hip-hop remixes featuring his rant. (Click on the "click it" link and laugh at the music track featuring his strange scream. Or check out this "psycho ward" photo/audio montage.) The New York Post described his scream as sounding like a "Muppet being strangled."
New York Post Online Edition: news

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