Thursday, January 08, 2004

Howard Dean ends God vs. Science Conflict: After suddenly discovering his deeply held religious faith so he could pander to Southerners, Dean has hit on a scheme to use God to sell gay rights to the rubes. In arguing that God created gays, by citing the strong genetic component, Howard Dean has ended centuries of conflict between religion and science. He then goes on to say that if God created gays, then his Christian faith leads him to support civil unions. I don't know if middle America will buy this rhetorical spin-doctoring, but liberals will soon be trying out those sorts of arguments all the time.

Here's a few others: God created marijuana, so it must be legal to smoke what God intended for us to use. The Rastafarians made that argument, but maybe liberal semi-religious types in America should adopt it as well. And God created a desire to sleep late and stay home to watch TV, so maybe welfare should be broadened so more of us won't have to work. It's God will after all.

I look forward to seeing how the pro-Bush "Red states" and genuinely religious people buy this line.

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