Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bill Maher cites Art Levine's chemical security article.

Five years after 9/11, you figure our government would have already solved the obvious security concerns, like protecting our chemical plants or keeping razors away from Britney. But we've failed miserably. Why?

Meet Philip Perry. Already, I can tell you don't like him. Because his name's Philip Perry, which sounds like the name of a guy who would screw the common interest on behalf of powerful corporations.

And if you guessed that's what he did for a living, you'd be right.

As documented in this incisive Washington Monthly article by Art Levine, after 9/11 the Environmental Protection Agency looked at chemical plants across the U.S. and concluded that at least 700 sites posed a potential threat to kill or injure over 100,000 people if attacked. In neocon math, that's over thirty 9/11s.

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