Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why did psychologists help keep Bush's torture operation running? I take a look in the latest issue of the Washington Monthly. The Washington Monthly

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How the psychological association abetted abuse at Gitmo.Collective Unconscionable - Arthur Levine

Saturday, January 13, 2007

In tough political times, take refuge in the compelling sound of early blues. You'll find at the end of this posting one of the best, most varied Internet radio stations playing rural blues -- and you can even make requests. Thanks for the lead , and a tip o' the music hat to my friend, Tom D'Antoni,musical afficionado and author, for turning me on to a station so obscure that sometimes only a handful of people are listening: we lucky few who have discovered it.

You can even hear -- and request -- songs by the rarely heard blues singer Geeshie Wiley, whose haunting blues, "Last Kind Words," refers to her lover going off to war and never coming back -- and it still resonates today when so many lives are on the line. You may have heard the song played in the film Ghost World, and wondered about who made such unearthly music. But like a ghost whose faint traces can still be felt, little is known about her, but a few tracks of her remarkable music remain. Hear more like her on this oddly named Internet radio station:

Weenie Juke Radio

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rediscover Leonard Cohen A new movie, Leonard Cohen:I'm Your Man, features probing interviews with Cohen, his powerful singing of the "Tower of Song" with U2, and a tribute concert to Cohen by a generally younger generation of artists who revere him, including Nick Cave, Linda Thompson, Rufus Wainright and the odd, adrogynous but striking falsetto singer Antony. Here's Antony's version of "If It Be Your Will." Rufus Wainright also turns in a series of great cover versions, including this witty, lilting version of Cohen's grim "Everybody Knows" litany of life's unfairness. (You double-click on the speaker icon, then click on the play arrow that pops up.) Enjoy it -- and rent the movie, and look into buying the Essential Leonard Cohen.

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