Monday, November 14, 2005

No, Dems didn't have the same intel, Mr. President. On Veteran's Day, the President claimed that everyone, including Democrats, believed mistaken intelligence. So going to war on false premises wasn't his adminstration's fault. Or something like that. In fact, in a very balanced article, The Washington Post explores the different ways the administration spun the intelligence, in part by omitting from the intelligence reports it made available to Congressional leaders any of the internal questions and challenges to the veracity of its WMD claims. Fred Kaplan of Slate gives a clear-eyed analysis why Bush's latest spin -- I was wrong, but so were the Democrats -- is so filled with falsehoods.
The New York Times editorial page concisely underscores why the President's latest spin is just an effort to deflect blame for the lies that brought us to war.
Read it all and weep.

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