Friday, March 25, 2005

The Schiavo follies. The Christian right -- and their minions in Congress, the White House and in the Governor's office in Florida -- have engaged in the rankest hypocrisy in this case. Most obviously, President Bush when governor of Texas signed a law allowing hospitals to end the life of terminally ill patients who couldn't afford care, even if the families wanted to keep the patient alive. The real goal here is to push a theocratic agenda that seeks to undermine the rule of law in this country. As Ed Kilgore at New Donkey points out, "So for the Schindlers' backers, including Tom DeLay, the object here is not about law or fact, or for that matter, about Terri Schiavo--it's about finding some way to fundamentally change the laws of Florida and the United States to accord with a particular religious view of the ethics of the end of life." If you want to know the full legal record so far -- including the compelling case made by the judges who have ruled on the case -- go to Findlaw. The Nation highlights the way the Bush administration has worked to cut programs like Medicaid that helped keep Schiavo alive. Yahoo! News - The Schiavo Hypocrites

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