Monday, February 14, 2005

Alert for political junkies! The Daou report, which is now available on the new free Salon (but viewing an ad is part of the deal), offers a pithy snapshot of the best of each day's blogs across the political spectrum. Beside offering links to mainstream media, you can also burrow into the dark underground of American politics, with one blog, for instance, exploring the alleged history (with pictures) of the notorious "Jeff Gannon" as a male prostitute; he was the bogus conservative reporter who lobbed softball questions to the president and was a regular at White House press conferences. My website provides the Daou report as part of my expanding network of political websites. Happy reading! (Note: It's still a hassle to access it directly through the Salon website, unfortunately, so try typing in http://daoureport.salon.com/default.aspx in your web browser or going through my link). See THE DAOU REPORT .

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