Monday, July 19, 2004

Is Fox News engaged in fraud? The movie "Outfoxed" makes a damning case about how the Fox News Network's top officials use partisan pressure, lies and video trickery to hammer home their pro-Republican case. You can see more about the movie, which costs only $10, at http://www.outfoxed.org/. I saw the movie at a moveon.org party -- one of thousands across the country -- to promote the movie and recruit signatures to challenge Fox's marketing practices. But whether Fox's bias rises to the level of consumer fraud in marketing because of its "Fair and Balanced" slogan is another question altogether. You can read the actual legal complaint at the moveon.org site. To me, it's a publicity stunt that makes the organizers, including moveon.org, appear to be engaged in an effort to halt free spech, although they claim otherwise. A better strategy would be for concerned citizens to mail copies of the film to local and national columnists, to raise awareness about Fox's trampling on standard journalistic practices. But I doubt that their core audience -- over 80% of whom believe that Iraq planned the 9/11 attack with Al Qaeda -- will be swayed by news that Fox is biased. In any case, to paraphrase Fox, I report, you decide: Yahoo! News - Advocacy Groups Challenge Fox News Slogan

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