Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Bush's intelligence panel sleight-of-hand: The President neatly avoided a political bullet over the WMD failure by picking a panel that allows him to get re-elected. It won't look in-depth at White House and Pentagon pressure on the CIA and how Cheney's and Rumsfeld's teams distorted intelligence. Now the new panel's scope is so broad -- Iran and Korea included -- and so deliberate, that there won't be any results before the November election. Karl Rove must be pleased. Yahoo! News - Bush to Form Intelligence Probe Panel
Update: Joshua Marshall confirms my earlier comments about Bush's panel by noting: "Anything the White House did with those CIA analyses, any fisticuffs between the Veep's office and the CIA, anything stovepiped through Doug Feith's operation at the Pentagon, anything that made its way from Chalabi's mumbo-jumbocrats to the the president's speechwriters -- that's all beyond their brief."

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