Friday, January 30, 2004

Is Kerry electable? The New Republic raises doubts in its new cover story, based on opposition research used against him in his Senate race against William Weld. But as Joe E. Lewis memorably said in Some Like it Hot, "Nobody's perfect." (Unfortunately, most of the online edition is only available to subscribers, so I'll be posting excerpts soon from the article or finding a Web link of the article available to all.) In the meantime, you can wallow in Mickey Kaus's diatribes and links about Kerry's weaknesses. Andrew Sullivan, the quirky conservative, argues that the Republicans are gearing up to attack him as a liberal, when they should be focusing on him as a weak, indecisive candidate who flip-flops. It seems, as Kaus and others note, that the press cycle of building up candidates, then destroying them and then building up someone else again is well on its way.

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