Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Gentlemen, start your media expectations engines:CNN.com - Carville: Kerry needs big win to solidify position - Jan. 27, 2004. Kerry is claiming the come-back kid label: “It's an enormous victory, a huge turnaround,” Kerry told The Associated Press. “We were written off for months and plugged on and showed people the determination we have to defeat President Bush.” Meanwhile, Dean's camp foolishly said earlier in the evening if he finishes less than 10 percentage points away from Kerry Dean wins the expectations game. He ended up trailing Kerry in the double-digits for his second-place finish, but he is still claiming to be the come-back kid of New Hampshire because of his poor showing in Iowa. Will the media buy it? And Edwards, who had been banking on a third-place finish ahead of Clark to have bragging rights for his campaign, is somehow claiming momentum in fouth-place because he is registering so close to Clark. Spinmeisters are busily at work even as the final results are tallied.

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