Monday, December 01, 2003

"The whole world isn't watching": In 1968, a police riot in Chicago against anti-war protesters attracted worldwide attention and live TV coverage. An equally troubling -- if not as widespread -- pattern of police attacks on those free trade protesters who were acting peacefully has been virtually ignored by the national media and most local reporters. But if anyone still doubts that Miami police ran amok during the free trade protests, check out this detailed account by a New Times reporter who was arrested and witnessed numerous abuses while covering the events in late November. Elsewhere in the paper, columnist Tristam Korten gives a useful overview of the police-state tactics used by police. Labor unions, the AARP and the ACLU are furious at the roughing up of senior citizen protesters, and so are planning lawsuits against the city. The unions have also vowed to foil the planned Senate race of Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas, who did nothing to protest or halt the police rampages. There was even video taken of police shooting a lawyer in the back with rubber bullets and trampling on protesters. For more information, check out my Nov. 23 posting during the week of the police abuses.

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