Friday, November 21, 2003

Forty years ago, Jimmy Breslin wrote a column that helped change American journalism. It was a simple enough concept, in hindsight, to tell the story of the grave-digger who buried JFK. You may have first seen it in anthologies, learned it in journalism school or read it when it originally came out. However people discovered it, it was a revelation to many who became writers and reporters. It showed us that you could tell the story of big events and important policies through the lives of the average folk affected by them. But in today's media focus on the glitzy, powerful and scandal-ridden, it's an approach that's too often been forgotten. For those who never read it beore -- and those who want to see what a great writer can do to create a powerful impact with well-chosen details -- Newsday has done us the service of reprinting it. Enjoy -- and learn from it.
Newsday.com - Digging JFK Grave Was His Honor

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